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In 2006 John Baechtel, Mike Cook and a dedicated team of volunteers restored the Summer’s Brothers Goldenrod to its former glory and a secure position on the Motorsports display at The Henry Ford (museum) in Dearborn, Michigan. The Goldenrod set the first 400 MPH+ international speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats and held that distinction for 45 years. During the restoration process, hundreds of detailed photographs were take to document every detail of the car’s construction and the steps and methods used to preserve it for posterity.


Author John Baechtel has written a full color, photo rich book on the restoration and detailed history of the car. It includes full coverage of the restoration effort, rare family photos, plans and blueprints, the complete aerodynamic development report, a special section on the Chrysler Race Hemi engines and a detailed timeline of the record attempt. You haven't really seen the GOLDENROD until you've seen it here. The new book is currently in the final editing stages and is scheduled to go to press in the summer of 2017. Watch this space for publication updates and sign up for an e-mail alert when the book is ready to ship.


Bob and Bill Summers along with crew chief James Crosby are the American hot rodders who recaptured the land speed record in 1965 and held it for 45 years. This is the full story of their Epic achievement and how the car was later resurrected from ruin to assure their well deserved place in landspeed racing history.
Goldenrod engines


After forty years of neglect the Goldenrod was completely disassembled and rebuilt to essentially the same condition it was in after the 1965 record runs. It took nearly two years and the help of numerous volunteers and contributors to bring the car back to original condition. The full story is told here in amazing detail.


The events surrounding the multiple trips to Bonneville to attack the record are fully chronicled in the book. Parts failures and problems plagued the effort, but the brothers never gave up and their triumphant story is presented here in rich detail accompanied by never before seen original B&W and color photographs.


During the teardown and subsequent restoration an extensive photo record detailing all of the Goldenrod's amazing technical features was established. Every component is shown and discussed in detail. The book also includes some of Bob Summers' original blueprints.
Goldenrod aerodynamics


Aerodynamic designer Walter Korph kept detailed records of the Goldenrod's aerodynamic design elements. His full reports and wind tunnel analysis records are included. Korph's notes provide detailed insight into the aerodynamic development of the Goldenrod's sleek body.


Chrysler engineers developed special components for the all new 1964 Race Hemi engines to adapt them for the Bonneville application. The book includes all the engine details with commentary from the original engineers who built and developed the engines.